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feels like it’s been so long since i didn’t write. yeah, it’s because i’ve been too busy doing another writing, a thing that have to be faced by any final semester students (not that busy actually :p).


uh~ many things had been done for that, many things happen.

but at least, for now i can be free for a while. spare some times to pay more attention to my room that’s been left in a mess. my mom has actually been warning me about that, telling me to clean up soon. but unfortunately i haven’t had a time yet (alibi). so sorry mom.. (^^;)


ummm.. actually that is not the main topic i want to share. but, i dont think i will share it here, in a public area.


i miss writing. i am seriously missing that time when my idea just come out smoothly of my head, and i can express that in the written form so i feel better after that. i dont know why, feels like that idea is just stuck now. maybe it’s because the lack practice or something. since i was too busy (really?) and i’m too tired to write.


i dont know..



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