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Being a Newbie :D


Hi.. Right now I am going to share my experience of being a brand new newbie in a big site. Uh, it feels like becoming a fish out of water! LOL.

Well, I been signing up on oDesk to be a freelancer. Actually, I already signed up on this site since a long long time ago, about 11 months ago. Many reasons why I seemed to ignore my profile account there. One of them is that I was confused how to get a project. Since I was a newbie (and I still am), I had no idea how to start and how to get a client. Wish there would be a kind-hearted tutor for me. I was not feeling confident because I think I didn’t have any experience, though I realize that every expert or senior was once a newbie. I underestimate myself, thinking that I am not able to do any project, when I see that other freelancers there seem to be very expert. Sooo much well-experienced more than me. And I wonder how come they can be that way.

Besides, I also confused about the payment. I had a bank account, but I doubted whether it’s still active. I was very amateur about banking. I didn’t even know how to use ATM (but now i do). ;p

Another reason, I can’t go online anytime. Therefore I cannot see the new projects available. It’s not a big problem actually.

Being a freelancer is my desire. Imagine that I can work from home, doing a project given by the client, at the same time I can still take care of myself, my family, and etc. But, really, it is not as easy as it seems. Because until now, I still haven’t applied to any project. I haven’t completed my profile account actually; the status of my account is still unverified. I haven’t uploaded a scan of my national ID card, and I’ll do it soon. J

After all, I will keep trying and never give up reaching what I want. Because the key of success is never give up. And I’ll keep fighting!! 😉

“The only way to do a great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you know when you’ll find it.”

— Steve Jobs

Thanks anyway for sparing your time reading my amateur and premature entry.. 😀


Author: keiria

A mother

4 thoughts on “Being a Newbie :D

  1. Why do you underestimate yourself? Your English is very good. Why don’t you try to apply Indonesian-English translation job on Odesk? I’m sure you can do it.

  2. dont give up, keep tryin’

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