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Paper Revision


Hmmm, so confusing. This confusion was started to began after the seminar a couple days ago.

Should revise my lesson plan, should find out the appropriate material, and I think I should cut-off some unnecessary explanation. Actually, the only part needs a revision is my lesson plan (including instrument). My examiner said that it was real bad. But it would change almost everything. Moreover, I had administered the try-out test to find the validity and reliability. And… it means…

Huaaaa, I got no more idea what to write.. I can’t bare.. It is too painful too me.. T__T
(begin to be hyperbolic)

Not that painful actually. I’m  just feeling like I’m trapped in the decision I made and I can’t seem to move on (just like a song lyric).

Well, then, that’s all my sad story and now I’m going back to my revision again.

Thanks anyway to the internet for helping me find the material I need.


Author: keiria

A mother

3 thoughts on “Paper Revision

  1. keep spirit Miss….

    many things waiting for you…

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